Monday, May 13, 2013

St George's Church Photographed by Frank at "The Real Rittersberg"

This is quite an awesome find.

Frank over at "The Real Rittersberg" was inspired by seeing my location tour videos a few years back on youtube and decided to visit some of the locations as well.

He's done an awesome website (something I've never gotten around to doing, so thanks Frank for putting an awesome resource together for fellow GK fans!!!) and you can see it here :

As you can see - he found the real St George's Church interior which is located in Marburg. Fantastic work and I suggest if you are a fan of the stuff I've done, that you check this site out for more pictures and details about some of the locations in Gabriel Knight 2.

Awesome work Frank!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

GK3 Locations Tour

Finally got around to starting these! Part 1 : Intro/Promo Part 2 : Grace uses Sidney Part 3 : Devil's Armchair Discovery Enjoy! :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

GK2 Beast Within Real Life Locations Tour - Full Playlist

*****2013 UPDATE******
THE GK3 TOUR IS COMING IN 2013! Look out for it.
My original youtube account was removed - so below are the updated links to the entire GK2 Beast Within tour videos, in chronological order :

2008 TOUR :
PART 1 (Original Tours 1-5 filmed in 2008)
Visits to the Hellabraun Zoo in Thalkirchen (Munich), as well as the Marienplatz, Dinastrausse and the Marienplatz 21 (Ubergrau's Office) along with the Weiswurst shop
PART 2 (Original Tours 6-8 filmed in 2008)
Visits to the Ludwig Museum in Herrenchiemsee, Neuschwanstein Castle in Fuessen and the Starnberger Sea (Berg).
2009 TOUR :
PART 3 - Introduction/Schloss Ritter Castle
The second Gabriel Knight Beast Within tour begins with a look at Schloss Ritter in Rittersberg. Rittersberg doesn't exist in reality and this is actually Burg Rabenstein located in Bayreuth, Germany. The game makes everything look so close together when a lot of these places are quite some distance from eachother.
PART 4 - Don't Mess with Grace Nakimura
A random interlude as Grace phones up and throws a ridiculous tantrum for no reason.
PART 5 - Inside the Ritter Castle
A look inside Schloss Ritter Castle (actually Burg Rabenstein in Bayreuth, Germany). As you can see its nothing like in the game, but still quite stunning. Wish I could have stayed a night or two here.
PART 6 - Rittersberg Square
A visit to Rittersberg square. Actually Rittersberg doesn't exist and this is a nice walled town called Rothenburg. This is the location of the town hall, gastof and post office that Grace visits during the game.
PART 7 - Rittersberg Post Office
A visit to the Post office in Rittersberg. Gelda at the post office gives Grace some mail and speaks in German. This exchange actually makes no sense if you understand the language - but is ridiculous enough that hopefully you'll forgive us.
PART 8 - Grace takes a Trip
Grace takes a trip but forgets that she doesn't have a car. Brummmmmmm!
PART 9 - The Richard Wagner Museum
A visit to the Richard Wagner Museum in Bayreuth, Germany. Very much the same as it appears in the game.
Grace was a total bitch to Gerde for about 3/4 of the game so I thought it would be only fitting that Gerde got her revenge. Re-cut vision from the game. Andrea Martin (the actress who played Gerde) viewed this video and approved. Even she felt Grace deserved to get hers. Take that Grace!
PART 11 - A Day in the Life of Rittersberg
A day in the life of the town of Rothenburg. This was Easter Sunday in 2009 and it had quite a nice atmosphere.
PART 12 - Cuckoo Clocks
A visit to the Marienplatz in search of the Cuckoo Clocks.
PART 13 - St Georg's Church
Not really St Georg's...but its definitely has some similarities and looks cool, so it made the tour.
PART 14 - The Marienplatz Revisited
Marienplatz and Dinastrausse re-visited on a sunny day. Includes a visit to Ubergrau's office, the Weisswurst stand and the post office ("Better mail that letter to Gracie...")
PART 15 - Ubergrau's Office
Listening in at the door of Ubergrau's Office and finding a curious poster outside. "Ja!"
PART 16 - Rittersberg Dungeon
The Rittersberg Mayor (straight out of Land of the Giants given his out of proportion-ness) allows Grace into the dungeon where she shares a tender moment with Gabriel as he lays there comatose.
PART 17 - Rittersberg Gastof Goldener
No Gasthof Goldener Lowe but plenty of other Gasthofs to choose from.
PART 18 – Gabriel and Ubergrau Awkward Conversation - Warning some language may offend
Gabriel wants answers but the only thing Ubergrau seems interested in is flirting with him and laughing like the Joker.

PART 19 - Journey to Neuschwanstein
The journey to Neuschwanstein and a look at the castle.
PART 20 - Obtaining Ludwig's scrolls of Wagner's lost opera
The quest to find Ludwig II's lost opera - following in the footsteps of Grace Nakimura.
PART 21 - Abridged Ending of the Original Game
Ending of the Game (Prelude to Finale of Location Tour).
PART 22 - Finale to the Locations Tour (Overlooking Neuschwanstein)
Finishing in the footsteps of Gabriel and Grace overlooking Neuschwanstein. With end credits.